Our most important qualities - Kodawari

I began selling socks in North America in 2006. I learned some useful facts when it comes to making desirable socks such as using a variety of knitting machines, the thickness of the threads, and understanding different knitting patterns.  Maarlie Hemp has these specific qualities below:

  • Using all natural materials that promote the self-satisfaction and well being of the people who use it.

  • Designing products that are comfortable, easy to wear, and sustainable.

Japanese Craftsmanship Over a Century in Nara, Japan

organic hemp socks

Our legwear is made at a third-generation sock factory in Nara, Japan, where craftsmen have perfected their sock designs for more than 100 years. The factory is specialized in making socks with natural materials. There is a fifteen-step that goes into each pair of socks, and each step takes a considerable amount of time. Every single pair is inspected before it leaves the factory.

and we also promise ...

No Toxic Dyes
No Toxic Pesticides
No Sweat Shop
No Child Labor

The Signboard reads “The Sock City” in Nara, Japan.