Natural Color. Completely undyed and unbleached.

75% Organic Hemp 23% USDA Certified Organic Cotton, 2% Nylon

Organic hemp grown in China, organic cotton grown in Texas, USA. 

made by Japanese craftsman in Nara,  Japan.

Women’s One Size Fits Most  
5’0”-6’0”/ 90-150 lbs

The leggings will fit you comfortably, and you can feel the hemp thread embrace your skin. The waist line comes with a wide opening of which makes the leggings strong and flexible. The elastic waist band is versatile and replaceable.
Since these leggings are knitted, it is likely to shrink as you wear them because of the characteristics of the hemps’ fiber. We make these leggings longer so that they still fit you even though they shrink.






Organic Hemp Leggings


organic cotton USDA
ogranic cotton

Our most important qualities - Kodawari:



Leggings are usually made with front thread and back thread. Nylon or Spandex are normally used for back threads to make the product fit you well. Our Serenity Leggings provides the feel of hemp on your skin, which means we reversed the stitching of the front thread and back thread. When working with the front thread, we use our special nylon thread covered with organic cotton thread. This technique is called zokki.



organic hemp leggings
Organic Hemp Leggings