Hemp can be used for over hundred years. The strong and flexible materials that last for a long time are good for both people and the Earth.

Meet Maarlie

People who positively take care of themselves are also good at taking care of others. When you fill your heart with positive energy, then your kindness will have a contagious effect to the people around you. Therefore, finding true happiness for yourself will inspire the people close to you to find their own happiness as well.


Cotton Shirts Dress: Amma 
Silk Scarf:Usaato
Leggings:Maarlie Hemp 
Clog Boots: Swedish has been
​Cashmere Socks: Tabbisocks

Our Values

Sustainable and Eco-conscience

Humans belong to the Earth just like other living things. Hemp products are sustainable, and the recycled usage of materials helps lessen future damage to the environment.



The production of hemp material was a cultural tradition in Japan for more than ten-thousand years, of which we have the honor now of bringing this piece of heritage to the United States. Items made with hemp played a central role both in everyday life and the ritual ceremonies of Japanese Shintoism.